I believe that the seed to the forest is in my hands, and the business moves I make are with that belief in mind.
I just strive to remember that
purpose and profitability are tied together.


I want to be wealthy, and real estate is my catalyst for that. However, I know that success is a responsibility, and that God doesn’t add to us just to build up ourselves. So while I’m pursuing my vision of developing land and owning buildings, my responsibility is to be a promoter of economic participation. Because I believe that underserved communities can lift themselves out of economic depression by being participants and generators of the wealth that’s being created around us. And as a young, Black woman, my vision is to collaborate and pool together the talents, resources, and creativity of the Talented Tenth to create social impact and generate new Black wealth. Through my real estate investing model using cooperative economics, we can accomplish this through the power of partnerships; collaboration over competition. We can all be next if we just collaborate.

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Marketing is my business. Real estate is my retirement.

I started my marketing agency, Blueprint Creative Group, in 2006 fresh out of graduating with an MBA from Clark Atlanta University. That same year I bought my first investment property in Atlanta.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur.

In the 7th grade, I learned how to make money by selling chips and candy at school and knew then that I would be a business woman. With two degrees in hand (the first from Florida A&M University), I decided to skip corporate America and never had a real job. Fast forward today, that same passion and faith has given me staying power to make it through the highs and lows of being in business.

My investing goal is to own 1000+ units of multifamily, develop my own community, and own a hotel.

I bought my first property through collaboration. Actually, fresh out of grad school, the guy I was dating at the time fronted the downpayment and had his friend be the guarantor on my loan. Within months, I made good on the promise, and they both got paid from the deal. In 2016, a group of friends and I pulled together $120,000 for a social impact project to address gentrification in Miami, and collectively purchased, rehabbed, and sold two single family properties to first time homeowners from the community. I’ve since expanded out of the group to scale and do larger multifamily and commercial deals.